Viktor Argonov told why Pavel Durov is interested in launching TON even after the end of the hype

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Analyst EXANTE Viktor Argonov shared his vision of why Durov needs his own cryptocurrency even after the end of the hype, last year’s market crash and loss of 90% of capitalization.

Recently, information about the sensational crypto project of Pavel Durov Telegram Open Network appeared again. The passions around him have subsided and, perhaps, therefore, the developers decided to remind themselves of themselves and stir up interest. However, the launch dates have been updated again. In fresh «leak» said about the possibility of transferring for 2-3 months. 

By the opinion of Viktor Argonov, probably, Pavel Durov sees in himself the strength to turn the tide. The popularity of the messenger is not TON’s only trump card. The project actually offers a whole ecosystem with a massive Telegram user base, internal cryptocurrency and a whole encrypted space for free-topic sites. At the same time, the developers promise the new virtual currency a tremendous speed comparable to Visa, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of bitcoin.

Earlier, Durov already wanted to create a payment service based on «VK», but the project didn’t go. Now there is a more fashionable and promising direction, moreover, in connection with Telegram, which is very popular and respected. It is likely that the TON ecosystem will become especially popular in countries with high levels of government pressure on information freedom, such as Iran or China..

In addition to governments, there is another force threatened by the new project – miners. TON works on the PoS principle and does not allow mining on computing power. If the promised dizzying payment speeds turn out to be a reality, then the new currency could squeeze out traditional PoW cryptocurrencies. Millions miners and giant companies are at risk of losing business. This is a serious conflict of interest, it is not yet clear how it will be resolved..

In any case, if the promises of the developers are fulfilled at least partially, the new system will be very popular..

Recall that many leading experts predict the resumption of growth crypto market in the second half of 2018.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: niasam

Viktor Argonov told why Pavel Durov is interested in launching TON even after the end of the hype

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