UK unveils energy weapon fighter

Directed Energy: The Time for Laser Weapon Systems has Come

The UK Department of Defense has unveiled a full-size model of the future Tempest multi-role fighter, which will be able to fly without a pilot and will be equipped with energy weapons.

The United Kingdom plans to create an all-British combat aircraft. The government claims that the first samples will be put into service by 2035. The project includes many advanced technologies and belongs to the sixth generation of combat units.

UK unveils energy weapon fighter

One of the most important innovations will be that the fighter will be able to fly with or without a pilot. He will also be able to control a group of UAVs, using them for distraction, attack, defense, and interact with other tactical units on the battlefield, coordinating their actions and exchanging data..

Tempest will be equipped with supersonic weapons to engage air and ground targets. According to the developers, the fighter will receive an energy weapon with «non-kinetic effect». It will not necessarily be a laser, but at least an electromagnetic pulse weapon or a powerful microwave radiation installation. Until this system is described in detail.

A number of companies will take part in the production. Rolls Royce will deal with engines, MBDA — weapons development, and Italian contractor Leonardo will create integrated sensors and electronic systems. The reason for the production of our own equipment was the country’s exit from the EU and an independent future. In addition to increasing defenses, the UK plans to export Tempest and create new jobs.

The US is also working on fantastic combat technology. It became known that the Pentagon began to create a military command system with the help of thoughts.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: RAF Photographer

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