UK starts testing unmanned public transport

The UK’s first driverless bus is tested on Manchester streets

UK starts testing unmanned public transport

Trials of autonomous vehicles, operating without safety drivers or any supervision, kicked off in the UK this week..

The first tests are taking place at the Cribbs Causeway in Gloucestershire, where shoppers can navigate the hall and common pedestrian areas in small, cocoon-like vehicles. So far, researchers are studying people’s reactions to the new technology..

Autonomous minibuses are equipped with various sensors, radar and machine vision systems for navigation in areas filled with pedestrians, cyclists and strollers.

The project, called CAPRI, is run by a consortium of British businesses and academics that hope to make this form of transport a daily occurrence on the country’s roads. However, the first step is to understand public attitudes towards the transport as a service model..

If the pilot project is successful, the tests will be transferred to open roads by the end of this year..

While autonomous cars tested before, but CAPRI is a completely unmanned initiative that has the potential to change the country’s public transport system.

Toyota recently announced that it also intends to stimulate the introduction of advanced technical solutions into everyday life. For these purposes, she will build a prototype of the city. a future for 2000 inhabitants, in which developers can test their inventions in real conditions.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Capri Mobility

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