Turkey teams up with China to counter U.S. sanctions

Iran ‘strongly’ condemns US sanctions against Turkey over S-400s

China and Turkey announced friendship against the United States: the countries have found an area of ​​mutually beneficial cooperation and resisting the yoke of sanctions.

Turkey teams up with China to counter U.S. sanctions

As the lira continues to fall, the Turkish government is seeking support from allies. One of them is China, which, like Turkey, suffers from the US sanctions pressure. At a recent meeting between representatives of countries on both sides, it was decided to establish more active support in a unified struggle against the enemy — Of America.

Turkey’s economy has already suffered significant damage since the failed coup in 2016. Today, it continues to lose ground as the United States is expanding sanctions on Ankara. Washington began to restrict trade with Turkey to protest the ongoing arrest of Andrew Brunson. American preached the gospel in Izmir for decades before being arrested after a failed coup in 2016.

US officials say Turkish prosecutors have not provided any evidence that Brunson is guilty of any crime, but the country’s president has rejected calls for his release..

With the Turkish economy in jeopardy, the administration of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has turned to China for help. The interests of the countries united in the desire to secure the stability of the development of the economies of both sides.

Particular attention in the development of relations is paid to the implementation of the program «One belt, one way» (OBOP). The main goal is to recreate the Silk Road and create trade links between Asia and Europe.

Turkey teams up with China to counter U.S. sanctions

Turkey — an important strategic point through which China can expand its business opportunities. In addition, the country’s economy will receive a powerful stimulus thanks to investments in the development of the Silk Road from the Celestial Empire. Thus, the two countries joined forces against the United States..

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: ru.wikipedia.org, aa.com.tr

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