Tesla cars will become more affordable

Tesla’s Affordable $20,000 Compact Car – Coming Soon After Tesla Battery Day Reveals New Batteries

Tesla cars will become more affordable

Tesla car can become significantly cheaper: Elon Musk believes that his team needs three years to reduce the cost of the budget model itself by another $ 10 thousand.

Elon Musk revealed to the public plans according to which the world famous Tesla cars may soon become more affordable. Today, the most budget car of all available in the lineup is the Model 3. Initially, the manufacturer positioned the model as a massively affordable one, but the set price did not allow the plans to come true. For the most budgetary Tesla today, the buyer will pay at least $ 35 thousand.

Video from the interview of Elon Musk

Tesla cars will become more affordable

Divergence of concepts «acceptable price» and «Tesla car» became the reason for the question to Elon Musk about the release of a really budget model. After some deliberation, the Tesla CEO replied that the company is considering the possibility of producing a car, the price of which will not exceed $ 25,000..

According to Musk, they will need at least three of the year. It should be noted that the further development of the field of high technologies opens up the opportunity for manufacturers to reduce the cost of new cars. Probably, in the future, mechanical engineering with the help of new technologies will significantly reduce the level of production costs.

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey

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