Rostec has halved the budget of the blockchain development program in Russia

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Rostec has halved the budget of the blockchain development program in Russia

State corporation «Rostec» plans to spend 28.4 billion rubles on blockchain development in Russia by 2024, which is at least half the amount of the program’s initial budget.

According to the new plan, 9.5 billion rubles. will need to be allocated from the state treasury, but most (18.9 billion rubles) will have to come from extra-budgetary sources. Estimated «Rostec», blockchain technologies will help the Russian economy save RUB 500 billion. by reducing operating costs, and attracting an additional 600 billion rubles to the budget. in the form of tax revenues.

Of the total amount, 1.17 billion rubles will be allocated for the implementation of distributed registry technologies in the healthcare structure, and integration into the goods control system will require 650 million rubles. Another 475 million rubles. will go to blockchain solutions for accounting for resource consumption and the introduction of technologies into housing and communal services.

The plan is currently pending with the government. The budget of the current version is many times more modest than the previous version, in which the development of the blockchain was pledged from 55 billion rubles. up to RUB 85 billion However, they expected at the same time much greater total economic effect – almost 1.64 trillion rubles.

Last September The Ministry of Finance of Russia also announced that it also plans to allocate 349 million rubles to finance organizations that develop software based on blockchain for processing and storing data by state information systems.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: NTS

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