NASA’s Silent Supersonic Aircraft Will Make Its First Flight in 2020

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NASA's Silent Supersonic Aircraft Will Make Its First Flight in 2020

NASA’s X-59 experimental aircraft, which could revive the commercial supersonic travel market, is in its final stages of assembly and is due to take off for its maiden flight next year..

The X-59 is actually a quieter variant of the Concorde. and the first major aircraft project of the American space agency in the past 30 years.

Its sharpened design reduces the volume of the sound barrier to the level of a car door slam, according to engineers. Since the plane will move at a speed of about 1600 km / h at an altitude of more than 16.5 km, then this noise should practically not be heard..

The project received approval for its first flight in 2020, but the actual launch will only take place a year after that, according to Bob Pierce, NASA’s deputy manager..

During the tests, the piloted X-59 will fly over residential areas of cities across the country, and the level of noise generated will be assessed using sensors and people on the ground..

In addition to a supersonic aircraft, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration is also working on its first electric by plane X-57.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: NASA

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