Microsoft app will create web pages from drawn layouts

Plan Web Page Layouts with Microsoft Word

Microsoft unveils AI-powered Sketch2Code that converts hand-drawn web page layouts into functional HTML.

The company strives to attract customers to Azure services with intelligent data processing systems that enable web designers to change the keyboard to a pencil. This is possible thanks to the Sketch2Code project, which interprets the designer’s creative plans into quality-assured verified code..

After you create your whiteboard layout, you can take a snapshot of it using a web app that sends this information to an AI service. Next, the algorithm analyzes the image and forms a preliminary model, and on its basis it compiles the HTML code base on which the application relies..

The tool will not only simplify the process, but also significantly speed it up. The generated code is available as HTML, XAML, and UWP. The firm’s Azure Blob Storage service stores code files. Website sketch includes only the UI elements described in the visual model.

In addition to helping web designers, this project will test the reliability of the Azure billing cycle..

Another digital giant — Samsung unveils smart wardrobe that will take care of the condition of clothes on its own.

Microsoft app will create web pages from drawn layouts

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Arina Sorokina / Reshot

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