JPMorgan analysts believe blockchain mass adoption is still a long way off

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Blockchain has become widespread in finance, according to a recent report from JPMorgan Perspectives, but regulatory and technical challenges are holding back the mainstream of technology adoption that will take several years to resolve..

74-page document is devoted to the prospects for the development of the blockchain, its widespread use and the viability of the concept of stablecoins. The report says distributed ledger technology is already in widespread use stock exchanges, banks and other organizations in the financial sector.

JPMorgan analysts believe blockchain mass adoption is still a long way off

The authors also note that blockchain has the potential for long-term transformation of the business model of banks by increasing the efficiency and reliability of data processing and storage..

However, they also point to a number of legislative and technical problems that could slow down further progress, so a massive transition to decentralized systems should not be expected in the next 3-5 years. Analysts identified the complexity of cross-platform integration, the lack of the necessary regulatory framework and the transformation of the macroeconomic environment to the list of key obstacles..

In addition, in the report notes the gradual development of the cryptocurrency market, and the growing attention to it from institutional investors, which have a significant impact.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: telegraph

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