Hackers will hack the Ethereum 2.0 network for $ 5 thousand

Ethereum Foundation Announces Launch of Bug Bounty Program for Existing Ethereum 2.0 Clients.

On Monday, the Foundation launched copies of two real beta-0 networks based on clients Lighthouse and Prysm, but with only four nodes and 128 validators each. They are in the public domain, so anyone can try to attack them using any available means..

For a hack to be considered successful, a hacker must control the network for at least 102 minutes (16 consensus epochs), making it insecure and unusable.

For finding a suitable security gap and fulfilling the conditions of the competition, individual participants or groups can receive a reward of $ 5,000. There is a separate reward for each of the networks, but any hacker can count on a maximum of one payment.

The Ethereum 2.0 team is running this competition as there has been rapid progress in the development of a new protocol in recent months and the Altona multi-client testnet was recently launched. It is expected that the zero phase of the transition to the second version will be activated in the main cryptocurrency network in January 2021, but Vitalik Buterin is not satisfied with this schedule. and he wants to start this process before the end of 2020.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: financebrokerage

Hackers will hack the Ethereum 2.0 network for $ 5 thousand

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