Ford develops cabin odor sensors to improve taxi service

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Ford has filed a patent for a device to measure the range and strength of car odors. Technology can have a significant impact on taxi travel and bookings in future.

According to application, the operation of the system is based on environmental sensors located in the vehicle, which determine the chemical composition of the air in the passenger compartment. The collected data are sent to the on-board computer, which analyzes them and compares the detected gamut with a database of known odors and their combinations..

It is planned that the recognition system will evaluate various factors, ranging from air freshener to the smell from the driver who recently eaten food, after which a very unpleasant odor remains..

All this information will be recorded and taken into account by applications for ordering a taxi or a joint flight. Users will be able to set their preferences, odor strength thresholds and unacceptable scents. Clients will be receive information about smells found in the salon before placing an order, so they can change their mind in advance and choose a different option.

According to the developers, such a system will help not only increase the comfort of travel, but also avoid the manifestation of allergic reactions in passengers..

Ford develops cabin odor sensors to improve taxi service

Although the existence of a patent application, or even its approval, does not guarantee the release of a real commercial product, but movement in this direction will significantly improve service in the transport sector.

We also previously reported that Tesla is developing a laser cleaning system for glass in vehicles..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Shutterstock, USPTO

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