Crypto island to be created in French Polynesia

Own Your Crypto Floating Island in French Polynesia

The two startups plan to jointly create an artificial island in the vicinity of French Polynesia, which will operate a special decentralized legal framework and social tools based on blockchain, and cryptocurrency will become the main means of payment.

The goal of the project is to create an autonomous, neutral and decentralized system in which new types of society and forms of government can be formed. The project is planned to be implemented by the Seasteading Institute and Blue-Frontiers, and although the government of Polynesia is positive about such an initiative, it will not provide economic support.

The main means of payment will be the Varyon cryptocurrency, which will be used by the inhabitants of the island in all financial aspects of their life: buying goods and services, paying for real estate, registering a business. In addition to unique internal systems, the organizers took into account external factors.

The island will be located outside the hurricane belt and connected to major cities. It will house various institutions with developed infrastructure (residential buildings, shops, research centers, offices), Internet access, qualified specialists.

Now anyone who believes that the government of the country pays insufficient attention to cryptocurrency can move to the crypto island.

Recall that the Marshall Islands wants to introduce a national cryptocurrency.

Crypto island to be created in French Polynesia

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Visual Hunt

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