Chinese warships will arm a railgun

Deadly Weapon: Electromagnetic Railgun Finally installed in the US Navy’s Warship

Chinese warships will arm a railgun

According to Chinese media reports, high-power electromagnetic weapons of its own design will soon be installed on the warships of the Chinese fleet..

For the first time, a ship with an experimental cannon was seen last year, and recently on the network published new photos of tests on the high seas. The Chinese version of the railgun has enormous combat power and high accuracy. Thanks to the electromagnetic force, the gun is capable of hitting a target at a distance of 200 km, and the projectile’s flight speed is about 2.5 km / s, which is 7.5 faster than sound.

The shells will not be equipped with explosive warheads, as their enormous power is quite enough to inflict the necessary damage. The absence of additional amplifiers reduces the cost of their production. Other countries are also developing similar weapons systems, but have not yet reported on the achievement of significant success in this direction. Therefore, China has every chance of becoming the first state to have a fleet with electromagnetic weapons..

Chinese warships will arm a railgun

For now The exact timing of the completion of tests and the installation of working advanced weapons on ships is not known for sure. Nevertheless, the presence of our own developments in this direction can make the country’s fleet the most progressive..

Another large-scale project in China is a plan to create an artificial moon, which will illuminate the night streets of cities by 2020..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Twitter / dafeng cao, 1.bp.blogspot, regnum

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