Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Becomes Gymnast

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot now does gymnastics, too

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Becomes Gymnast

The agile bipedal Atlas robot can now perform handstands, tumbling and pivot while jumping.

When performing gymnastic exercises, Atlas uses its entire body and 28 hydraulic connections. To achieve the optimal balance of weight and strength of the structure, the engineers used 3D-printed parts.

Boston Dynamics says new algorithms have been used to optimize movement and dexterity, optimizing each maneuver to a reference model. In the process of their implementation, the integrated forecasting system ensures a smooth transition from one exercise to another. These innovations have increased efficiency by about 80%..

The company has also posted a new video of the Spot robot assistant, which suggests some commercial use cases, while reporting on improvements and the development of new hardware modules. For example, it can detect a gas leak, monitor a construction site or production site, act as a wireless transmitter, or help carry a small load..

Although Atlas never ceases to amaze with its tricks, so far its parkour has not found practical application. However, Softbank’s less nimble Pepper robots are already operating in airports, banks, universities and grocery stores, and will open a café in Tokyo next year to serve customers..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: YouTube / Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Becomes Gymnast

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