BLOCKCHAINRF winners will travel to Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea

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BLOCKCHAINRF winners will travel to Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea

ICO projects with great potential presented their developments to the participants of the BLOCKCHAINRF international congress, which was held from March 27 to March 28 at the World Trade Center in Moscow.

12 experts from different countries with extensive experience in conducting ICOs were invited to evaluate promising projects. Representatives of 16 companies from six countries of the world, including participants from the USA, Germany, China and the CIS countries, spoke before the jury..

Experienced Chinese experts shared their experience in holding ICOs to the guests of the event. Huobi exchange representative Kai Long spoke about the modern cryptocurrency market and new ICO tools, and NexChange founder and CEO Juwan Lee shared his vision of decentralizing financial services.

In May 2018, the best projects participating in the event will go to Hong Kong and Singapore to meet with investors, and will also become participants in the cryptocurrency congress in South Korea..

The RACIB Association was established in 2017. The main goal of the organization is to promote the diffusion and integration into the national economy of technologies based on a distributed ledger system and legalization of the use of digital currencies. Currently, there are about 1,700 blockchain market participants in the association..

a photo: RAKIB

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