Bitcoin Market Volume Down 32% In June

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Bitcoin Market Volume Down 32% In June

In June, the volume of trading in bitcoins and futures based on them decreased by a third. At the same time, there was an increase in the activity of cryptocurrency users.

According to the cryptocurrency market monitoring service CryptoCompare, the spot market lost 31.98% of volume, while Bitcoin futures trading fell by 40.39% (from $ 557 billion in May to $ 332 billion in June). However, over the same period, decentralized exchanges saw a 70 percent jump in turnover, reaching $ 1.51 billion..

Despite the downturn in trade, Glassnode researchers recorded record levels of network activity. According to their analysis, the number of new addresses, active users and the average the number of transactions has reached the maximum values ​​in the entire history of the existence of bitcoin. for instance, per recently the number of active addresses has grown to 1.08 million, and up to 450 thousand new ones are created daily.

Bitcoin Market Volume Down 32% In June

There is also a slight increase in the activity of the crypto community. The total number of posts about Bitcoin on various social platforms reached 927 thousand in a week.

In addition to the growth of interest, the number of military-technical cooperation held in the form of long-term investments is also increasing..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock, graphics: CryptoCompare, Glassnode

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