A robotic delivery service established in China

Chinese e-commerce company JD.com has opened a fully automated center in Shanghai that independently organizes, packages and dispatches 200,000 orders daily. It employs only four people, but all of them only serve robots..

The company has focused on logistics and automation. The center consists of smart warehouses that independently process orders, self-driving trucks and drones to deliver them. If the client has completed the application before 11:00, then the order will be delivered anywhere in the country on the same day.

A robotic delivery service established in China

Few people have heard of JD, but this online store is very popular, and its assets are estimated at $ 58 million. The company is aggressively investing in the development of automation to reach the level of Alibaba, Baidu and giants from Silicon Valley.

JD’s management argues that their goal is not to eliminate jobs, but to create a fast and reliable service, and they transfer warehouse employees to other positions. The company follows the example of Amazon, which, thanks to logistics and technology, has become a leader in the American market.

Recall that the Thai government has strengthened the regulation of blockchain projects.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: iStock

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