A new technology for the production of hydrogen with an efficiency of 98.7% has been developed

Korean researchers develop efficient, low-cost catalyst for hydrogen production


Researchers have developed an inexpensive and safe hydrogen production technology that improves process efficiency from 75% to 98.7%.

A new technology for the production of hydrogen with an efficiency of 98.7% has been developed

At the moment, most of the hydrogen produced is still recovered from fossil fuels, as existing methods of splitting water are not efficient enough. However, a team of scientists from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has found a way to dramatically improve productivity.

The technology developed by them is based on the process of electrochemically-thermally activated chemical splitting of water, which makes it possible to separate the reactions of hydrogen and oxygen evolution. For this, a special anode is used, the chemical composition of which periodically changes in a cyclic process..

In the first stage, the cathode produces hydrogen by reducing water molecules, while the anode changes its chemical composition, preventing the release of oxygen. Then the cathode becomes passive, and the anode begins to release oxygen by oxidizing water molecules, after which it returns to its original state, and the cycle begins again.

Researchers at the Technion have already launched a startup called H2Pro to bring the technology to a commercial level. They expect their methodology to accelerate the transition of industry, transportation and domestic infrastructure to hydrogen fuel, making its production more efficient and cheaper..

We also previously reported on the invention of the first thermodynamic reversible chemical reactor that produces pure hydrogen that does not require subsequent purification.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Chen Galili / The Jerusalem Post

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