52% of criminal bitcoins passed through Binance and Huobi in 2019

Research Binance and Huobi Received Over 52% of Total $2.8B Illicit BTC

According to research by Chainalysis, in 2019, most of the $ 2.8 billion bitcoins associated with criminal activity were transferred through just two major crypto exchanges..

IN report it is said that Binance and Huob are responsible for acquiring the bulk of the cryptocurrency used in the criminal world. According to analysts, in 2019, these two platforms received 27.6% and 24.7% of criminal bitcoins, respectively, and all other exchanges received a total of 47.8%..

During this period, Binance and Huob received «dirty» facilities out of 300,000 individual accounts related to criminal activity. At the same time, 75% of the volume of illegal coins received on the platforms were transferred from only 810 accounts..

The researchers point out that Huobi’s list of accounts includes wallet addresses for 70% of the largest OTC money laundering brokers. At the same time, no accounts associated with them were found on Binance..

The exchanges themselves claim that they use only certified KYC and AML technologies, as well as additional tools to combat money laundering using cryptocurrency..

In connection with the use of digital assets in criminal operations, The Ministry of Internal Affairs and other power structures of Russia were instructed to develop legal mechanisms for their arrest and confiscation until 2022.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: smart-lab, diagram: Chainalysis

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